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Connect to your customer

Customer centric behaviour

Putting the customer at the heart of everything you think and do.
Customer centric communication
Customer focus for non-sales people.

Providing outstanding customer service with your technical staff.
A great shopping experience thanks to efforts of the entire team.

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Connect to your organization

inspirational leadership

“Situational Leadership”.
Effective team work through Insights Discovery®.
Coaching leadership.
Lead to change.
Caring leadership.
One-on-one conversations.

Active listening and powerful question.
Giving and receiving feedback.
Defining a motivating vision.
Steering on output.
Agile teams.

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Connect to your team

getting results together

Creating more mutual trust and connection.
Improve collaboration and communication through Insights Discovery®.
Giving and receiving feedback amongst peers.

A “Team Manifest” for more engagement and commitment.
Agile teams.
One-on-one conversations with your manager.
Getting results together.

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Connect to your message

Communicate purposefully

High-impact communication.
Making use of a various communication styles.
Influencing skills.

Handling resistance.
Convincing presentations.
Crafting and telling a compelling story.

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Connect to your differences

Diversity & Inclusion

Reveal your true colours : a board game about diversity.
Intercultural communication.

The added value of diversity for your team.
Leading a diverse team.
Female leadership.

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