Wrapping up the year with questions

At Indra Partners, we like to wrap up our year with questions as a means to look back.

You might want to answer them for yourself as well.  As we are curious by nature : don’t hold back to share your observations through this link. 

1. Who gave you the most interesting insight in 2017 ?

Els Vanbeveren (Walk your talk).  She taught us that through using the techniques of connecting communication you can make a real difference. 

2. Which blog or site turned out to be a real gem to follow ?

NOBL Collective. On their site  and in their newsletter we often found useful information and tools to improve teamwork. 

3. Which book left a lasting impression this year ? 

I can’t choose between : “Anything is possible” by Elizabeth Strout and“Klont” by Maxim Februari.

The latter is a stimulating story about what it means to be ‘human’ in a world where ‘big data’ and the ‘internet of things’ seem to take over control.

The former is a compilation of inter-connected stories about how people look at themselves and others. It is a book full of compassion. 

4. Who offered your favourite piece of advice this year ?

Sarah Cherif (CUTESolutions). Following up on marketing efforts is so much more fun if you reward yourself with cake and champagne.  

These efforts are not a one-shot deal,  you need to follow-through even though working on the content of a new program seems decidedly more enticing.

5. What was your professional highlight this past year ?

The first time that Umicore collaborators played our ‘kitchen game’. The game taught the importance and application of the 5S principles : tidying up in a lean environment.

The kitchen game had to be full of learning and fun and at the same time have the power to convince the players of the importance of 5S.  Because we developed the game together with a core group of Umicore employees, we managed to do just that. 

6. In retrospect, what would you have done differently ?

In one case, we could have been even more precise  about the result the client wanted to see and how we would realise that.  

In another case, we could have insisted more on the active involvement of the upper management.

7.  What took you by surprise this year ?

Despite all the new trends that were supposed to shake up HR - agile, Nwow, the digital revolution - we were surprised to  get a lot of traditional questions : how can we work together as a team and how can I , as a manager, truly lead my team members ?

8.  What is the biggest challenge for organisations in 2018 ? 

How can you keep the human factor at the center of your attention, despite an ever and ever-faster  changing environment and despite continuous new technological novelties ?  

How can you create an environment where everyone can and wants to employ his/her talents ? How can you build an organisation where employees take care of each other and where managers take care of their employees ?

Above all, how can you safeguard that this approach isn’t spiked with the desire for short-term financial gain. 

9.  Which new habit would you like to cultivate next year (or which old one would you like to get rid of) ?

I’d like to follow up with clients faster and with more rigour (see question 4). We miss out on opportunities because we don’t insist enough.

10. What would you like to achieve in  2018 ?

Of course I’d love to convince even more people of the strength of our ‘Connection Method’. 

But more than that, I ‘d like them to gain, thanks to our trainings and workshops, new insights that they can put into practice immediately.  

I ‘d like to help them to create a better connection with themselves, their colleagues, their customers and their managers.

So now it is your turn… how do you look back on 2017 and what do you expect of next year ? Let us know through this link.


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