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Free demo multicultural teams

Different cultures, diverging values and unconscious bias have a tendency to stand in the way of great team results. Indra Partners’ innovative techniques help you to understand yourself and each other in such a way that working together becomes fun and productive.

Sign up for a free demo session on November 17 where you get to experience our approach and some of our tools : the Cultural Spectrum Survey, the Unconscious Bias Game and the D&I Board Game.


What to expect ?

  • What is culture ?
    • My personal circle of diversity : In this exercise, participants reflect on those elements that define an individual from a diversity point of view.
    • Cultural dimensions (Hofstede and Trompenaars) and their impact on communication, leadership, decision making, conflict resolution and time management.
    • Individual survey : Where do you stand on the cultural spectrum ?
    • How does your position on the cultural spectrum influence your behaviour at work ?
  • Unconscious bias.
    • What is unconscious bias ?
    • Discover your own unconscious bias with the Indra Partners Unconscious Bias game.
    • How to counter bias ?
  • Dealing with multi cultural differences.
    • The Indra Parters’ D&I Board Game.
  • When and how to use the Indra Partners games.
  • How to make the result of the games last.

Practical Info :

On Friday November 17 , from 13h30 to 16h30
you can experience how to get the most out of your multicultural teams.
We will be delighted to welcome you in the Ondernemershuis Oh! Mechelen.

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