Enhance your impact with Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery System recognises and celebrates the fact that each person is unique, with different styles, needs and expectations.  How do you recognise and make the best of these differences ad strengths?
The Insights Discovery system uses a very easy to understand model of four colour energies to describe personality.
Insights Discovery helps you to improve your ability to influence and engage with your colleagues, managers and customers

Use Insights Discovery to :

  • Heighten self awareness
  • Understand others
  • Improve relationships
  • Become a more efficient leader
  • Make better use of the diversity in your team
  • Influence others
  • Become a better sales person


Top 4 reasons to use Insights Discovery

It builds Emotional Intelligence, self awareness and awareness of others
Most people spend a lifetime learning how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness. Insights Discovery takes a life time’s work from the eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and delivers it in a clear and simple system for your benefit.

It is simple yet goes in-depth
Many profiling tools can be complex. The Insights model is easy to understand, remember and apply. It takes only 25 questions to get accurate results. If you want depth, you will love the unique way Insights covers your less conscious (shadow) self and your energy preference flow.

It is highly validated and reliable

The Insights Discovery model is underpinned with a strong Jungian psychological basis.
The integrity of the Insights Discovery Evaluator (IDE) is based on thorough and rigorous measures of validity/reliability.

No two Profiles are the same…just like no two people are the same
Unlike traditional assessments, Insights Discovery provides unique personalised profiles which do not label or alienate colleagues. People are unique and shouldn’t be pigeon holed into one of a set number of standard templates

Insights Discovery for teams

During this one day session we use Insights Discovery to create a better team spirit and improve team efficiency. .


  • Each team member receives a personalised Insights Profile with detailed information regarding his /her personal style.
  • Participants gain insight in your preferences, strengths, pitfalls and ‘blind spots’.
  • We clarify how a personal profile can help to develop mutual understanding and respect for other styles.
  • Participants learn how to recognise different styles and how to can adapt your behaviour accordingly in order to heighten mutual understanding and efficiency.

We bring the Insights Discovery concepts to life by practical and engaging exercises.

We guarantee that your day will be both fun and enriching.

And above all : you receive a valuable tool that you can use as of day one.

Individual coaching

Insights Discovery helps you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are.
The tool gives insight in how you react to other people or to different situations.
The model is able to bring surprising new insights thanks to its in-depth nature.
Possibilities are multiple, both for an individual coaching program or to strengthen your sales/leadership capabilities.


  • Through a brief phone conversation, we examine what Insights Discovery has to offer to you, taking your specific needs into consideration.
  • You receive the link of a short online questionnaire that you can fill out anywhere / anytime.
  • The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to fill out.
  • During a personal coaching conversation we discuss your Insights Discover Profile. This can take from 2 to 2,5 hours.
  • You receive practical advice on how to use your profile to continue to grow or to accomplish your goals.

Indra Partners :
Katrien Van Eetvelde
and Joris Celis

Katrien and Joris are both certified Insights Practitioners.

Together they have more than 20 years of experience in learning & development, coaching and career counselling. They have coached teams and individuals, facilitated workshops, designed and delivered trainings in 4 languages (Dutch, French, English and German) for audiences at all levels.

Insights Discovery is one of the tools they use in the trainings, workshops and business games they developfully made-to-measure to fit their customers’ needs.

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