A proven method for successful teams


Is your team ready for tomorrow’s ProLeague ?

Most organisations today are facing important challenges.

Digitalisation, the competition of low-wage countries, significant labour market shifts …  all of this push us towards continuous changes that come with a deep sense of uncertainty. 

Flexibility, effort, engagement, results, autonomy, teleworking … In order to remain successful, organisations are expecting more and more of their teams.

The pressure for team members and for team leaders is growing steadily.

Make your team ‘future-proof’ with these critical skills

A day of pleasant team-building isn’t going to cut it if you want to get your team ready for the future.

Workshops or trainings for individual team members don’t seem to make a dent either.

If you want your team to shine, you need to invest in skills and competencies that really matter :

  • focus : permanently keep your attention on those tasks that contribute to the mission of your team and of your organisation.

  • resilience : when facing change, don’t act like a victim but be an active player who is able to turn obstacles into new opportunities.

  • teamwork : work together to reach a common goal and use your personal talents to support and complement others.

  • solution-driven thinking and acting : recognise and signal problems in a timely manner, come up with a plan and dare to execute it.

  • communication : use your emotional intelligence to give and receive feedback in a connecting way, to influence and persuade others and to come up for your own needs with clarity.

You don’t obtain lasting results by simply transporting your team to a classroom or to a seminar, but by working with them on the job !

TeamTalk : determine your direction with the Team-Compass

TeamTalk transforms your team into a close group of strong team players who work well together in order to obtain optimal results. 

The Team-Compass helps you to put your team on the right track. Together with your team you  :

  • define a clear focus : why are we a team ? what is our mission ? what is our goal ?

  • map out the ideal route : how will we reach our goal together ?

  • create ample room for everyone’s personal drive : in what way can we actively involve each team member in the team.

  • build a strong connection : how do we work together ? what is our team culture ?

The sequence in which you go through these compass points, is important : without focus, you cannot settle on a route and in a team where focus and route are lacking, it’s hard to find your own drive or to feel connected to other team members.

Why choose for TeamTalk ?

TeamTalk differs from traditional team workshops because it focuses on the entire team and not on individual team members separately.

TeamTalk challenges teams to examine their own dynamic and to think about how they can improve their results as a team.  

TeamTalk involves team leaders in an active way starting from their daily role. This ensures that they strengthen their leadership skills as they go through the program.

TeamTalk guarantees results that stand the test of time

TeamTalk doesn’t complicate things because it starts from the day to day work reality of the team. 

TeamTalk is not without a strong commitment : the mission and the role of the team in the organisation are always the main priority.

TeamScan: map out your actual team collaboration

Prior to starting a TeamTalk program we recommend taking a TeamScan.

TeamScan is an online instrument developed in collaboration with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. It shows how well you perform on the 4 dimensions of the TeamCompass (focus, route, drive, connection).

Teams who fill out the TeamScan receive a highly personalised report that provides insight in their current team dynamic.

Additionally, the report brings clarity to attention and improvement points. This allows you to determine which will be the most effective intervention for your specific needs.

The combination of TeamTalk and TeamScan ensures that you will work mainly on those elements that will have the deepest impact and will yield the most sustainable results.

Advantages of TeamTalk

TeamTalk works with team members and team leaders in two ways : together and in parallel.

Teamleaders receive personal coaching throughout the program

Increased return on investment thanks to shorter interventions that are spread out over a longer time frame.

Customised learning thanks to a blended learning approach.

Content that is relevant for the specific context of your team.

Individual exercises for each team member and exercises for the entire team.

Teams put  what they learn immediately into practice.

Follow up and guidance during monthly team coaching sessions

Validated method by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and by the Nyenrode Business University.

Proven results for hundreds of teams.

TeamTalk and Indra Partners

Indra Partners guarantees that TeamTalk will enable your teams to keep contributing to your organisation’s success – today and tomorrow.

To get optimal results, we recommend combining workshops with a TeamsScan and with the supporting e-learning modules.

This ‘blended approach’ makes our programs flexible and sustainable. Our presence with the team is brief but frequent and we make sure that when we are not there, the team is able to continue working on the four elements of the TeamCompass.

Thanks to this method, teams gradually evolve towards self-managing teams.

Indra Partners opts for pragmatic, ‘down to earth’ learning interventions with a mix of theory, teamwork, interaction and a healthy dose of humour to put it all in perspective. We have applied our approach successfully with clients such as IKEA, Umicore, C&A, Orange, H.Hart Ziekenhuis Lier, NATO, Eurocontrol, Melexis, ScioTeq, Securitas…

Some of the ways you can implement TeamTalk with us :

  • 1. TeamScan as input to improve team results
  • 2. Improved collaboration for sustainable results : a blended learning program for teams
  • 3. Getting started with the TeamCompass : a 1-day workshop for all teams
  • 4. Workshops for teamleaders
  • 5. Custom made workshops