Connect to your Customer

Customer Centric Behaviour

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Let’s face it: your customer is the reason your company exists.
Focus on what matters to you as a customer and zoom in on your company’s mission. Find out how these two elements determine the relationship with your customer.
Learn to make a difference in your service even when facing challenging conversations.
This is a tailor-made training that evolves around interactive, realistic exercises and a follow-up program that enables you to obtain sustainable results.

Key take aways

  • You have a thorough understanding of your customers.
  • You know how to manage expectations and are able to turn set backs into opportunities to delight the customer.
  • You are able to work in a highly efficient way with and within your team(s) to increase customer satisfaction.
  • You are connected to your company’s mission and know how to translate this to your customers.

Pre-work by Indra Partners

Analysis and/or interviews of selected customers.Findings and feedback are used during the training to help participants connect more deeply to their customers.


This one and half day program consists of two parts :
One day customer centric behaviour training followed by a half day workshop to deal with specific personal challenges.

1 day customer centric training


    • Explore your inner customer.
    • Who are your customers ? Interactive exercise based on pre-work by Indra Partners.
    • Practice active listening to connect to your customer.
    • Link your company’s mission to your customer’s expectations.



      • Active practice around:
      • How to be a leader to your customer.
      • How to turn difficult situations into opportunities to get more customer satisfaction.
      • Wrap up


1/2 day workshop

Participants discuss personal challenges: practice how to transform your challenge into a positive outcome.
Fundamentals of peer coaching.
Wrap up

Suggested follow up by Indra Partners.

Additional half day session to debrief on successes and challenges.
Follow up on customer satisfaction with those customers who were analysed/ interviewed by Indra Partners previously (6 months later).

Collaborate to benefit your customers

Engagement Business Game

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Organisations that successfully engage their employees so that the effect can be felt by their customers, experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.
That’s why Indra Partners  developed a half day workshop to make managers feel the powerful impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction.

Your key take aways :

Participants experience what engagement means on different levels :

  • The individual : Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation.
  • The team and the organisation :
    • Link the vision and values of your company to your daily tasks.
    • Ensure outstanding quality on all levels.
    • Create a partnership between back and front office to benefit your customers.
  • The manager : Increase engagement in your team.
  • The customer : Build on engagement to create a great customer experience.

Program :

In this business simulation game workshop managers (and collaborators) will experience how customer satisfaction is affected by the engagement of all collaborators, including those who non in direct contact with a customer.

The insights you get out of this game will be transformed into actions that enhance you own engagement and that of your team.
Motivation, quality and autonomy are the key concepts that will always be referred to throughout the game.

Set up :

Sophie is happy. She ordered new furniture for her apartment and is waiting for it be delivered in a couple of weeks, just a few days before her house warming party.
And then something goes wrong.(*)

While enjoying a game you will experience how engaged collaborators and managers can make a difference. Indra Partners makes sure that you will be able to apply this experience and the newly acquired knowledge immediately in your daily practices.

Course of the game :

The game is played in two rounds.

Round One :

  • Participants are split up over small teams that have to perform specific tasks. Each team has a manager.
  • Each team plays a particular role in the cycle that starts with a customer order end ends with the delivery at the customer’s site.
  • In the first round, all participants will go through the cycle as a whole.
  • At the end of this round we will look into the impact of each collaborator’s individual engagement on the overall result.
  • Participants will get a clear understanding of all elements that determine engagement.

Round Two :

  • The game is played a second time but now each step in the process will be discussed separately.
  • What participants experience in the game will be applied to their daily work situation.
  • We give them tools and techniques to improve their own engagement and that of their collaborators.
  • All participants receive a support kit with materials thy can use for their own team.

(*) We adapt the contents of this game always to the specific demands and context of our customers.