Blended learning

Learning from a distance

Indra Partners has always been convinced that nothing beats a learning experience that you share in the presence of others. We prefer to bring people together so that they can exchange experiences, observe behaviour and practice together.

These are missing elements in many digital trainings. That is why we opt for
blended learning approach  which combines advantages of online learning (individual, personalised,…) and social learning.

Discover how our blended learning approach can fulfil the learning needs of your organisation.

What do we mean by  “blended learning”  ?

Our “blended learning” approach combines individual 
online modules  that can be followed up by (virtual) contact moments with a coach or in a group.

online modules modules invite you to learn new skills in an interactive way. You can do this wherever and whenever you want, you don’t need special software; a computer, tablet, smartphone and an internet connection suffice.

During the (virtual)
contact moments  you get an opportunity to further apply the acquired knowledge and skills actively. Some programs offer individual coaching, others opt for group sessions or a combination of the two.

Our digital offer

  • Communicate better with the help of your personal profile

  • How to address each other : efficient and respectful feedback

  • How to lead your team from a distance

  • A “team manifesto” for virtual  teams

Communicate better with the help of your personal profile

Nobody will deny that good communication skills are an essential part of a smooth collaboration.

An efficient communicator is able to defend his or her ideas while at the same time, showing understanding for the opinions of others. You’ll be more likely to master this art if you are aware of your own spontaneous communication style and how it differs from others.

Knowing your preferred style enables you to talk about it with your colleagues. You can tell them what’s important to you and they can say how they experience your communication and what they expect from you.

The “Indra Partners Personal Profile” .

“An extensive personality profile like Insights Discovery®, DISC of MBTI can help to have that conversation. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to request it for your entire organisation.

That’s why Indra Partners developed a simple model, inspired by the same behavioural preferences of C.G. Jung that are at the basis for multiple personality models.

Our profile doesn’t pretend to give a complete description of your personality or to predict how you will behave. It does, however, give you a solid basis to reflect on how you function best and it enables you to have conversation about this with others.

Its validity rests on the fact that over 2000 employees have filled out our questionnaire and have successfully used our profile to improve their collaboration within teams.

How to use it for yourself and for your team

  • You can request your profile at any moment. Upon payment, you receive a link to an online questionnaire. When you have filled it out, you get your profile.
  • During a coaching session you can find out more about how you can use this profile to communicate better and to collaborate in an (even) more efficient way. This session can be done in person or virtually.
  • We are also able to apply this in a (virtual) team-setting. It will enable you to discover team dynamics and help participants to use the insights that they got out of their individual profiles to enhance the entire team collaboration.


How to address each other : efficient and respectful feedback

“I don’t dare to address my colleagues because I don’t want to hurt our relationship”.
“Most feedback I have given to people didn’t have an effect”.
“I don’t think that giving positive feedback is a good idea, it only makes people lazy”.

There are various reasons why people shy away from giving feedback. And  yet, a climate of open communication contributes to an environment where people enjoy to work and where they want to give the best of themselves.  Annoyances are discussed in a constructive manner, people feel supported by their manager and colleagues; and productivity increases because people collaborate well. 

An online program with impact

Our workshop “Efficient and respectful feedback” has helped a number of organisations to develop a culture of open communication : team members and managers learned how to become more transparent, how to show respect for each other and how to collaborate effectively. 

We also developed this workshop in an online format. You learn

  • why it is so hard and yet so important to address each other
  • how you can give feedback without hurting the relationship
  • how you can make the most of the feedback you receive
  • how you can respond when faced with difficult, emotional situations.

You follow this workshop at your own pace and get a chance to practice the techniques on-line.

Practical exercises

During a coaching session, you learn how to put the acquired knowledge into practice using your personal cases and/or those that we have prepared for you. You discover what’s working already and what needs more attention.

We organise individual coaching sessions online. For organisations we do this through short group sessions in which participants give each other feedback and coach each other.

How to lead your team from a distance

Working from home has increased dramatically and leaders need to adapt accordingly. Whatever worked with a team sharing a space together, doesn’t necessarily work for a dispersed team.

Teams need to re-discover how they best organise themselves and teamleaders need to find an approach to avoid the most cited problems linked to working from home :

  • ” Communication is lacking “
  • ” We don’t get in touch enough “
  • ” There’s limited collegiality“
  • ” Our connection to the organisation has gone“
  • ” There’s not enough follow-up“

An online program with impact

You learn and practice how :

  • to best communicate with your team members
  • to increase steam spirit, also with digital means
  • to give effective feedback without face 2 face contact
  • to boost the motivation and the engagement of your team members
  • how to make the most of your usual leadership style and how to adapt it for optimal results


A coaching session

When it comes to behavioural change, you still learn most when interacting with others. That’s why we offer a coaching session following the online program.It allows you to explore your own specific situation deeper and to discuss the difficulties that you are dealing with or the topics that are especially challenging to you. It offers you an additional chance to ask your specific questions.

Coaching sessions can be done 1 on 1 or, if you prefer, in group together with other participants. 

A "team manifesto" for virtual  teams

A Team Manifesto ?

In a Team Manifesto, team members define a number of shared principles and agreements that they deem essential to function well as a team. They design the team manifesto themselves. That gives them a chance to ‘own it’ and will enable them to address each other or others if they don’t honour those agreements.


When your team is dispersed, solid agreements about how to work together and how to communicate are even more important.The Team Manifesto makes these explicit and visible.

It is a handy document to re-visit a couple of times per year, perhaps during your team meeting.  That is the time to check whether you are still acting in accordance with what you agreed upon.

How do we proceed  ?

We ask each team member to answer two simple questions in advance. The answers give an idea of what ’s important to him/her and what contribution he or she wishes to make to the team. They will also serve as the basis for an interactive webinar during which we guide the team to common agreements. These agreements are what constitute the Team Manifesto.

We ensure that the agreements are truly concrete and that they are relevant for the day-to-day reality of the team. We also ensure that each individual meaning gets a place and that the team reaches real consensus.

Blended learning ; what's in a name

Why blend  ?

Our key question has always been : How can we make learning last in time?
This is the reason why we don’t offer ‘stand alone’ sessions. We always combine online programs with coaching and/or interactive group sessions.

Interaction is the focal point

Our online modules aren’t static. We always use multiple choice question, open questions, personal tests, quizzes and other techniques to practise. This ensures that you process what you learn.

We always offer ‘live’ contact opportunities. One on one coaching sessions are interactive per definition and during our online group sessions we make use of all available tools (chatting, life polls, question-and-answer and so on).

You are always supported

One of our ‘content experts’ is always at your disposal in case you have questions about the content of an online module.

To pay the right attention to both content and interaction, we always have two people present to facilitate the digital group sessions.

We keep it simple

Don’t worry about technical issues. You don’t have to install anything.

A laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection are all you need.

We also take care of administrative follow up. If different team members wish to follow the same program, just give us their contact information. Of course you receive a report regarding progress and end results.

Lasting results

Once you finish your online module, you can download the answers to the questions yourself.

During the contact opportunities following the online session, you are able to use your own personal cases to practise.

Each program comes with a ‘workbook’ with a summary of the content and in which you can make notes and which offers practical advice to encourage you to keep on applying what you learned.

Looking for a made to measure option ?

Contact us if you have any question.

We‘d love to show in a demo how we work.

We can also make a program fully made to measure for your organisation.