Getting results together

High performing teams

What is it about certain teams that makes being part of them both fun and efficient ? How can you use the diversity in your teams to your advantage ? Indra Partners goes beyond the classical ‘team building’ experience.
We examine the contribution of each individual and how this enhances the team’s output. From there, we look at the interaction with the rest of the organisation.
Transform the energy in your teams into trust, joy and excellence !

Your key take aways

After this workshop you will

  • have insight in your own behavioural preferences and how you build a team.
  • be able to take up various roles within a team.
    take part in a culture of ownership and responsibility within your team.
  • have strengthened collaboration in your team thanks to clear communication and agreements.
  • want to share the energy of your team with the rest of the organisation.


This workshop consists out of 2 subsequent days. We combine your personal Insights Discovery preferences with understanding on how teams work.

We systematically combine practical exercises with an understanding of the various aspects needed to create an efficient team (trust, open communication, a common goal, positive energy…)

The manager is a determining factor for the team’s success. This is the reason why we combine this workshop with targeted support and guidance for the manager.

Prior to the workshop :

All participants fill out the Insights Discovery questionnaire.

Day 1

Confidence in yourself

Get to know your Insights Discovery profile.
Learn how others experience you and why this awareness is important.
Which role(s) will you spontaneously take on in a team ?

Connect to your team

The secrets of an efficient team.
How is your team doing today ? The ‘team barometer’.
What do you and your team need in order to gain mutual trust?

Day 2

Dare to engage colleagues in a conversation around roles and responsibilities.
Strengthen your team through positive feedback.
Turn conflict and confrontation into a constructive conversation.

Getting results together – for the organisation and for the customer

Together, determine your team’s objectives.
Analyse how you communicate and make decisions as a team.
Get energy out of engagement and connectivity.
Create an open attitude for your team.

Wrap up :

Work out an action plan in which you determine how the entire organisation will partake in the energy and success of your team.

Connect to your team

Beyond feedback

Learn to turn feedback into a performance enhancing conversation. Be able to have a respectful dialogue about difficult topics and to give more impact to your positive message. Motivate individuals and/or teams through the way you connect with them.

In this one day workshop you will practice the art of remaining authentic and connected during feedback conversations, no matter how challenging they may be.

The day is followed by further support/coaching from Indra Partners.

Your key take aways

  • You are able to turn any feedback exchange into an opportunity to learn from your conversations and to get better results, be it one-one-one or in/with teams.
  • You know how to invite feedback and how to make the most of the feedback you receive.
  • You master the art of communicating effectively when faced with different communication styles.

1 Day workshop


From ‘feedback’ to performance enhancing conversations.
Explore the meaning of feedback and the impact of non-verbal communication.
Practice active listening.
Exchange around feedback in your company culture: what works and what doesn’t work.
Learn the key notions for effective communication.


Active practice:

  • One-on-one dialogue.
  • Feedback exchange with customers (internal/external customers).
  • Adapting to different communication styles.

Make commitments and wrap up.

Follow up by Indra Partners one month after the session.