Connect to your differences

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity brings creativity, innovation and a better connection to your customers.
Indra Partners creates a tailor made D&I program or helps to accelerate the results of your existing program.
We deliver the trainings that enable your company to leverage on the strength that diversity brings.


  • You are aware where you stand in terms of D&I for your company and have defined realistic yet ambitious goals.
  • You obtain a detailed analysis of specific opportunities and challenges.
  • You are able to roll out a customised D&I program and know how to measure progress.
  • You connect your D&I actions to employees and customers in order to increase engagement from both.

Pre-work by Indra Partners

We meet with your Leadership to define what the current D&I picture looks like in your company.
We analyse the data and look at your goals.
Based on these findings, we build an action plan and design targeted training sessions.
Throughout, we involve your company’s Leadership and staff to drive your D&I progress.


Indra Partners works with executives and HR professionals first as they set the standard for D&I and need to support its initiatives. This foundation is followed by awareness sessions and workshops for all managers and staff.


Your key take aways following the D&I workshop

  • You are aware of the different aspects of Diversity and Inclusion and its importance internally and externally (customers).
  • You understand the D&I mission of your company and know how to bring it alive in your work environment.
  • You are aware of Unconscious Bias and have learned how to respond to it.
  • You are able to act as a D&I ambassador.



What is D&I and why is it important to this company ?
Personal exploration of D&I : who am I ?
How do I relate to Diversity and Inclusion ? Exchange of personal experience.
Unconscious bias.
How does D&I impact the relationship with our customers ?


The afternoon zooms in on those aspects of diversity that you would like to focus on first.

Examples are : Gender, Multi Cultural, Sexual Orientation, Multi Generational.

Wrap up.


Follow up and coaching of Indra Partners with D&I champions/leaders in your company on a 3 monthly basis in order to ensure progress.

Connect to your differences

Multicultural Diversity

Foreigners think, feel and act differently than what we are used to. Yet fellow countrymen who grew up in a different region or come from a different socio-economic background can be just as ‘different’. In today’s open society we all get in touch with people who have a different way of looking at the world. Aren’t we the ones who are ‘different’ in the eyes of so many other people as well ?

Key take aways

This one day workshop gives you a deeper understanding of the impact of culture and helps you to :

  • Understand how your unique personality traits influence how you behave.
  • Adapt and connect to others.
  • Apply personal flexibility to improve intercultural communication.
  • Build your intercultural goal.


  • What is culture : individual, national and organisational culture.
  • Objectivity and unconscious bias : what is it and how to deal with it ?
  • Exercise on stereotypes versus generalisations : what is the difference and how to respond ?
  • Cultural dimensions : evaluate yourself and your team around communication, leadership, decision making, handling conflict and time.


  • Understanding the cultures with whom you work (based on the cultural dimensions).
  • Learning to work together efficiently while increasing mutual appreciation : real life case studies and practice.
  • How to communicate with different cultures while keeping deadlines and business commitments.
  • How to prevent and handle inter-cultural conflicts.
  • Personal commitments.
  • Wrap up.
  • Suggested follow up by Indra Partners  :

    An additional half-day session to look back on successes and challenges allows participants to share and learn from their personal experiences.

Mobilise your authenticity

Female Leadership

Remaining authentic is what makes you stand out as a leader. In this workshop you learn how, as a woman and as a leader, you can use your talents more frequently and more efficiently. Strategically using your strengths and abilities will take you to a higher level and it helps your organisation in building an inclusive culture that will have a positive impact on business results.

Your key take aways

Upon completing this workshop, you will

  • have gained deeper insight in your identity as a leader (Insights Discovery Profile and 360° feedback and analysis)
  • know how to balance your personal values, your career goals and your business results
  • intensify your personal impact on the organisation you work for
  • be ready to build and use strategic networks to realise your leadership strategy


During 2 days, we examine different dimensions of leadership. The theoretical foundation is immediately followed by group discussions, role plays and other interactive practice methods. This ensures that attendants are able to link their new insights to the professional reality straight away.

Keeping the training relevant in a concrete and practical way is one of our top priorities. This is why each participant receives a 360° feedback assessment and an Insights personal profile prior to attending the session. The results are debriefed with each one separately ahead of time so that we can address specific learning opportunities throughout the training.

The practical exercises of this program will allow participants to develop their strengths as a leader and to elevate their leadership skills to a new level.

Day 1 :
Mobilise the power of your authenticity

Discover the leader in you (Insights Discovery Profile, with a link to the outcome of your 360° feedback).
Choose your role models and learn how to bring their qualities alive in your daily reality.
Live according to your personal values: logical levels of Robert Dilts.

Day 2 :
Act as a leader for your organisation

Influencing skills and politics.
Develop your networking skills.
Intensify your personal impact on your organisation.
Build an action plan to carry out the learnings of this program.
How will you share this experience with your staff?

Suggested follow up by Indra Partners

Following this program, peer coaching allows participants to keep evolving thanks to their exchange of on the field experience.

We advice participants to take another 360° feedback 10 months to a year after the program. The results will show where their environment has noticed progress.