Communicate purposefully

Influencing others

If you wish to influence others, you need to build trust fast. The core is finding out what really matters to them and adapting your behaviour accordingly. This workshop is based on Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of influence. You practice how to recognise and deal with (non) verbal resistance. You also learn how you can use this resistance to strengthen your own proposal.
The interactive nature of this workshop, with plenty of room for role plays, will bring your influencing skills to a whole new level.

Your key take aways

Following this workshop you will

  • have gained insight in the psychological mechanisms that influence our behaviour.
  • be able to apply this knowledge to increase your influencing skills.
  • know how to build trust quickly thanks to the awareness of the effect of your behaviour on others.
  • recognise and integrate emotions.
    transform resistance into a positive outcome for all parties concerned.


This is a two-day interactive program where the theoretical part has been reduced to a minimum. Principles, methods and techniques are quickly put into practice with exercises and role plays.

Day 1

Introduction: Influencing. Who ? What ? Why ? When ? How ?

What are your biggest challenges today ?
The influencing process: conscious and unconscious factors at play.
Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of influence: practical examples.

Connect to yourself

Know what you want

Results-oriented thinking: turn your message into a positive story.
Exude confidence: when are you convinced of your own message ?
Use your personal strengths: be aware of your natural communication style and use it to your advantage.

Connect to the others

Put yourself in their shoes

Recognise their expectations: another view on reality.
Build trust: how to meet the others without neglecting your own needs ?


Build your argumentation.
Prevent resistance.

At the end of day one, you build your own case. In between 2 sessions, you try to convince others while applying the newly acquired skills.

Day 2

Day 2 is pure practice. Participants exchange experiences and get the opportunity to put various situations into practice with a professional actor.

Learn out of success and out of failure

How did it go ?
What would you have done differently ?

Take the other side into account

Recognise the effect of your attitude and behaviour on others.
Notice unspoken signals.
How to adapt your argumentation to unexpected reactions.

Increase your influence on your organisation

Emotions and conflicts: let them in

When do you get emotional ?
How do you react to emotions and difficult behaviour ?
How do you respond when your proposal has been rejected ?

Play the game.

The difference between influencing and manipulation.
Power and how to handle it: the reality of politics.
Develop your political skills.

Prepare for the next step: action plan and commitment.

Connect to your message

Public Speaking

For many people, public speaking is more frightening than death.
Indra Partners not only helps you to overcome that fear, we guarantee that your next speech will engage your audience. Our workshop is based on 3 elements: think, tailor and tell.

In this very practical workshop you work on your own presentation, you get direct feedback, and we take you from the very start – gathering your first ideas – to the finish – mastering your body language and dealing with a challenging audience.

Your key take-aways

  • You know how to structure your message for its target audience.
  • You are able to build a compelling story and support it with strong visuals.
  • You can make a connection with your audience in an engaging way.


All participants will be asked to choose a topic to present. This will be used as a common thread throughout the workshop.


Day 1

Connect with yourself

Think: what will be your key message ?

Basics of pyramid thinking
Start with your conclusion.
Group your supporting arguments and ideas.
Create a logical order.

Connect with others

Tailor your message towards your audience

Connect with your audience

Find out who your audience is and why they want to listen to you.
Define the key elements you want your audience to remember.

Connect with your story

What do you need in order to make a good story?
Crafting your own story – authentic storytelling.

Design your support material

Choosing the right support for your message.
Basics of a strong powerpoint presentation.

At the end of this day, participants are asked to prepare a short, 15 minutes, presentation about their chosen topic. They receive a support kit with additional tips and tricks on how to structure a message, how to draft a storyline and how to create attractive slides.

During the next two sessions participants present their own material and get immediate feedback.

Day 2 (half day)
Tell your story – session 1

After presenting your story you receive immediate feedback.

  • Did your message come across ?
  • Did the visuals support your story ?
  • Did you make a connection with your audience ?

In preparation for the next session, you are introduced to the fundamentals of non-verbal communication.

  • How do you stand in front of an audience, how do you move, where do you put your hands ?
  • The importance of eye contact, smile…
  • How to control your nerves.

Day 3 (half day)
Tell your story – session 2

After presenting your story you receive immediate feedback:

  • about your non-verbal communication.
  • about the way you dealt with questions, remarks, difficult members in the audience.

The final part of the workshop prepares you to be able to improvise in unexpected situations.

Wrap up & feedback


After the workshop all participants may call upon Indra Partners for individual coaching and support on an as – need basis.